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Vita Silver

«Vita Silver» is monoatomic silver.

Highly support of immune system.

You often get sick and disease occurs slowly and for a long time with a small rise of temperature. You have become accustomed to this "broken" state, and in spite of poor health continue to go to work, because all of your visits to the doctor and follow receiving of drugs brought you anything good and only disordered your stomach. Picture is quite common, especially among urban residents weakened immune system. Your immune system needs urgent support and medicines here will not help!

For the first time in the international market of health and beauty International Holding «Alfa Vita» represents spray «Vita Silver» for instant assimilation!

Spray «Vita Silver» is exclusively natural product!

The basis and the important distinction of our product is the presence in its composition of fulvic acids. The unique property of fulvic acids is their small molecular size, so they are an excellent vehicle of transferring of nutrients into the cell.

Silver is natural bactericidal metal which has a devastating effect against 650 species of pathogenic bacteria.

Unlike antibiotics it has not celebrated the acquisition of sustainability. It is also fatal to many viruses and bacteria.

Tiny monatomic silver particles block the respiratory enzymes, by which bacteria ensure their livelihoods. That is, silver is not a drug that kills bacteria, but it contributes to the slow death of the bacteria and reduces their ability to reproduce, creating an environment that makes it impossible for the survival and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, carrying out its functions, the silver is not exhausted, and continues to work over and over again. At the same time it does not kill living cells, which is especially important for serious chronic infections.

It was found that the pathogenic microflora is much more sensitive to silver than non-pathogenic. Thus, the monoatomic silver is absolutely safe for humans.

Very good monoatomic silver advantage is that it can simultaneously be used as an antiseptic for the treatment of external wounds of microcracks, ulcers, sores, boils and the inner. This greatly expands the scope of application. It is absolutely non-toxic and can be used in children from the first days of life, for example, for a treat umbilical wound.

The substances included in the spray, work synergistically, enhancing and complementing each other's actions.

The trace element germanium in the human body performs several roles: the defense of immunity (involved in the fight against microbes), Assistant hemoglobin (oxygen improves movement in the circulatory system) and has a dampening effect on the growth of cancer cells (metastasis development). Germanium in the body stimulates the production of interferons to fight harmful germs, bacterial and viral infections to enter the body.

Germanium, moving in the intercellular space, is almost completely absorbed by the cells of the body, but after some time, about 90% of this trace element removed from the body by the kidneys in the urine. This explains why the human body is constantly required germanium receipt together with the products.

Gold, platinum and ruthenium in the high-spin state (ORME) giving their energy, greatly improving your health and performance.

Vigorously shake the bottle and spray at the touch of the elbow and wrist of each hand, then gently rub. Use twice per day.


  • It is an additional source of macro and micronutrients.
  • Immunomodulator, has defensive bactericidal properties.


Fulvic acids.

The elements in the amorphous state: monoatomic silver, germanium, indium, molybdenum, zinc, and lithium.

 Noble metals in the ORME state: gold, platinum, ruthenium.

Nutrients: Methylsulfonylmethane.