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Vita o2

«Vita O2» the basis of the product is fulvic acid. Fulvic acids are natural compounds formed in the process of splitting of humic substances and soil microorganisms with exceptional properties. According to scientist’s fulvic acids are the source of life on Earth, the key to health, without them there can be no one living organism on the planet. Very important feature of fulvic acids is their small molecular size, so it is an excellent vehicle of transferring of nutrients and oxygen into the cell. Unique superconcentrate «Vita O2» fills the deficiency of oxygen at the cellular level, bypassing the respiratory system. The formula of the product is combined so that our cells begin to "breathe", i.e., "back to normal life".

Oxygen is essential for normal functioning of every cell of our body. Its lack of flow in the body is fraught with the development of a variety disorders. Especially dangerous such situation for young children and pregnant women. Lack of oxygen in body may be due to a variety of factors, but certainly, the main factor is ecological!

Residents of big cities and industrial regions and areas with adverse environmental conditions are constantly experiencing a lack of oxygen because of emissions and pollution.

Oxygen deficiency dramatically reduces mental capacity, body's resistance to stress and immunity, provoking headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), contributes to weight gain and lead to sleep disturbances.

Scientists and doctors around the world say on the necessity of daily replenishment of oxygen deficiency in the body. However, few products can solve this problem!

«Vita O2» not only supplies oxygen to the cells of the body, but also provides our body the most valuable microelements. It is recommended as an essential preventive measure from headaches and CFS, in the presence of bronchopulmonary pathologies, neuropsychiatric problems, and disorders of the nervous system, metabolic disorders, immunodeficiencies and autoimmune conditions, skin problems, and cardiovascular system, obesity, diabetes, insomnia, allergies, hypoxia.

Five drops of «Vita O2» in a glass of pure water three times per day help you quickly and easily cope with many of your problems!


  • It nourishes the blood with oxygen;
  • It activates the metabolic processes;
  • Prevention and elimination of anemia;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Grappling with pathogens;
  • Prevention of placental insufficiency;
  • Prevention of fetal hypoxia.


Structured water.

Proprietary mixture of fulvic acids and dissolved oxygen.

Noble metals in ORME state: gold, platinum, ruthenium.


Elements and compounds in the amorphous state:  monoatomic silver, calcium, indium, iron, lithium, silicon, phosphorus.

Nutrients: magnesium chloride.

Vitamins: A.