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Vita Magnesium

Vita Magnesium

Spray «Vita Magnesium» for instant absorption.

If you have muscle spasms and convulsions, heart problems, insomnia, tension in the body, nervousness, constipation, stones, arthritis, migraine, this suggests that you have a lack of magnesium and as a consequence - the tension.

Magnesium is element which releases tension, brings calm and relaxation.

The lack of magnesium can cause high blood pressure, arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, mitral valve prolapse. Magnesium helps relax the heart muscle and prevent it spasm that is to protect you from a heart attack.

Magnesium deficiency increases the risk of stroke, provoke irritability, poor sleep, and worsens the level of mental abilities, cause depression, fatigue, cramps and muscle spasms. Dystonia often develops against the background of a lack of magnesium. The role of magnesium in the body is particularly expressive amid nervous system problems.

Try to normalize the levels of magnesium in your body, and you will see how many health problems that concern you have for a long time, will disappear by themselves.

Nutritionists are increasingly inclined to believe that we should take magnesium in those and other forms, and permanently for life.

Unfortunately, with food, this important mineral enters in small levels and it is not completely digested.

For the first time in the international market of health and beauty the International Holding «Alfa Vita» represents a spray «Vita Magnesium» for instant assimilation!

Spray «Vita Magnesium» is exclusively natural product!

The main objective of development is to ensure full cellular nutrition!

It is based on a solution of magnesium chloride and magnesium in monoatomic state.

Pure high concentration of magnesium chloride solution having an oily consistency, which is why it is often referred to simply as magnesium oil. It has a natural origin, as extracted from deep layers in places where previously there were the sea. It is completely natural and safe source of magnesium and it is the unconditional use of magnesium oil to the body.

An important distinction of our product is the presence in its composition of fulvic acids. Very important property of fulvic acids is their small molecular size, so they are an excellent vehicle of transferring of nutrients into the cell.

Vigorously shake the bottle and spray at the touch under each armpit and elbow of each hand, then gently rub. Use twice per day, you are guaranteed save yourself from lot of problems associated with a lack of magnesium in your body.


  • It is an additional source of vitamins, macro and micronutrients.
  • Positive impacts on the cardiovascular system, has a relaxing effect.

Composition: Magnesium chloride, fulvic acid, zeolite, an aqueous solution of lithium, iodine, calcium, zinc, rose water, aloe

Vitamins: B2, B6 and C.

The elements in the amorphous state: monoatomic magnesium, indium.

Nutrients: Methylsulfonylmethane.